You Are Banned from Scaffies.NL

We encourage a respectful and enjoyable surrounding at Scaffies, and do our best to guarantee it.
Negativity, defamation, insults, spam or advertisements, etc have no place in the Scaffies community.

We block wide ranges of IP numbers and TLD's to combat spammers, hackers, automated script exploits.

If you feel you get this message in error, please contact admin [at]

Should you be based in Russia, Ukraine, other former SU countries, China, or similar nations: sorry, you have way too many (a disproportionate number of) hackers in your neighborhood; we block by both TLD and IP ranges. Use a proxy instead!
When writing, please include the IP number you are seeing this BAN Message from: which resolves as:
You tried to access Scaffies this many times: 1,261,033

Here is how you can find out more: